The Linington lab is focused upon contemporary applications of marine natural products chemistry to biological problems. Within this general area we have specific interests in the development of new high-content screening technologies, the discovery and hit-to-lead development of lead scaffolds for drug development, and the determination of compound modes of action. The overall objectives of this research platform are the discovery of new compound classes for drug development against pathogenic bacteria, cancer, and global health parasites, and the creation of chemical probes to explore the basic biology of these target organisms.

To accomplish these objectives, the research program employs techniques spanning an array of disciplines including marine microbiology, natural products isolation and structure elucidation, bioassay design and development, synthetic medicinal chemistry, and 'omics' approaches to problems in biomedical research. This combination of techniques provides a mechanism for the examination of complex problems at the interface of chemistry and biology, using modern methods and analytical technologies to explore how natural products can contribute to our understanding of disease and disease treatment.