With the rapid technological advances taking place in almost all areas of analytical science, new opportunities are opening up to change the way we think about natural products discovery. Our laboratory is interested in the integration of high-content analytical methods, such as image-based screening and high-resolution LCMS analyses, to create methods for the universal characterization of natural products libraries. We are particularly interested in methods for the early prediction of compound biological activities and/ or mechanisms of action, as well as the design of tools that can integrate 'omics' biological datasets with chemical library annotation tools.

In addition, we are interested in the inclusion of whole genome sequencing data to both the characterization of metabolic capacity for natural products, and the prediction of compound constitution for bioactive metabolites predicted by our integrated analytical tools. To this end, the laboratory is engaged in efforts to develop methods to combine high content screening data, metaboli profiling by high resolution LCMS, and whole genome sequencing to characterize complex natural products libraries in terms of bioactivity, constitution and composition for all bioactive library members. The long term objective of this project is the creation of an integrated analytical platform that can be used for universal characterization of natural product libraries from any biological source for a wide variety of applications including drug discovery, microbial ecology, and bacteriology.